We build and manage digital marketing channels.

(Please be advised that all of the links below are affiliate links and that if you click them and choose to purchase any service(s), we will receive a commission. So, should you choose to try any of these services, “thank you in advance”.)

Web Hosting:

We have hosted both, our sites and those of our clients, with  since 2007. We like the service so much that we have become sales affiliates for their services. In addition to very competitive pricing and a super easy user interface, we have found their customer service to be nothing short of exempliary for the entire time we have been working with them.

Content Manager:

WordPress comes in two flavors one is on the dot com site and the other is the dot org offering which is self-hosted. I our experience we have found that we have more flexibility using the self-hosted system. Should you choose to host your site on , WordPress is offered for free, with a few open source themes and can be automatically added to your site with no technical training. (If you do need help installing WordPress on a  hosted site, we will be happy to help you install it.

Marketing Strategy:

Your marketing strategy is the most important part of your marketing. If you get it right everything else will work. The problem is that too often it is the the step that companies, particularly new companies, miss.

Our offerings at Nintja.com can alleviate the problems and missteps associated with poorly designed or short sighted marketing strategies. While digital marketing strategy has become quite the buzzword of late, the truth is that the most powerful marketing strategies result in a much more powerful concept, “Growth Hacking”. If your objective is to growth hack your way to success, we would definitely encourage you to click the logo to the left and start a conversation with our growth hacker marketing experts.

Content Development:


TechSmith Snagit gives users the tools to communicate ideas visually and create shareable content. Users can capture or record their screen and then tailor it to fit their needs.


TechSmith Camtasia is a reliable screen recording and video editing tool that helps users convey their message conveniently and effectively, no matter the audience.

Video FX

This system is billed as “the ultimate all-in-one video creator” by its developer. While we think that may be a little reaching, we have foudn the system to be extremely effective, especially when used in combination with Camtasia.

DIY Sales Funnels:

While we don’t agree with the concept of abandoning your website, blog, social media efforts, branding, or list building only to replace them with a single or multiple sales funnels, these tools do have their place in the digital marketing landscape.

If you would like to try a simple sales funnel build, we would suggest ClickFunnels.


Should you choose to purchase any of the products listed above, using our affiliate links, we are always happy to help you with setup of your service or product.