We build and manage digital marketing channels.

The statement above is all but a proven fact at present. In study after study, it has been found that those companies that increased their web-based content saw exponential growth directly following or during the content becoming available.

If you believe that content results in growth, your next decision will likely be, what type of content you should focus on developing and what medium would be most beneficial as a delivery system. The first part of this answer is very easy to figure-out. The type of contect you should publish is exactly what you are expert in executing against. As to choice of medium, we would suggest that a combination of written and video content makes a terrific cocktail for success.

There are many ways to develop your content. Generally, we encourage our clients to begin with simply writing a bulleted list of the best services or products, and advice they tend to find themselves offering their customers or clients. From there, we help them break that list into major topics. Develop a group of subtopics under those major topics and, almost always effortlessly, a list of fantastic discussion points is developed.

Once a list of discussion points has been created, either a post, article, or page can be created, or a video or webinar can be created. Whichever you do first doesn’t matter, as you will be creating the written piece to go with your video (or recorded webinar), or you will be creating the video or follow-up webinar (to be recorded) to go with your written content.

The simplest hosting, content management system (meaning how you create your written content and dish-up all content), as well as our top picks for video development software are listed (as affiliate links) onn our marketing tools page – top right tab above.

Before you start to develop your content however, there are some very important steps that should not be missed. First ensure that you have established “product market fit”. Second, be sure you really “know” your target customer or client group. This means that you should know who they are with regard to; what they do, what they need from you, the voice they are likely to listen to, and the message they will be able to relate to, all before you start to develop content of any kind.

Once you have developed the content you intend to use to promote your offering or company, but before you publish, it is of the highest importance that you correctly identify the most effective channel or channels whe you can engage target audience.

For more detail on all of this check-out our marketing builds tab above. While this page shows you our marketing build types, it will help you to understand how the pieces go together if you choose to DIY.