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Endorsements From Simon’s LinkedIn Page

Ken Middleton

Senior Project Manager

Simon has played a significant role in helping me identify and execute in multiple business opportunities. Among these were a service company providing support to a specific, under-served professional group, as well as a business concept that allowed me to create significant profits due to the recent economic downturn. Both continue to be profitable today

Daniel Kolansky

I Specialize In Fast Tracking Small Business Websites To Completion

Simon has been a vital part of my product development strategy for almost two years now. I have not released any products or services which Simon was not at least made aware of, and chances are he was a critical component of helping to design them.Simon has an uncanny ability to connect the dots between technology and business services. He knows what makes money for a company and he knows the easiest and fastest route to get there. Simon is directly responsible for my current success in life and I could not have gotten to where I am without him.

Marvin Powell

Helping B2B leaders to FOCUS and PERFORM with maximum ENERGY!

“Over the past several years I have watched Simon effectively develop business concepts into operational and profitable businesses. While filling many roles, what stands out is his ability to take many moving parts and make them come together into functional operation or program.”

Ben Clark

National Affinity Marketing at HomeScouting / HBMII

Having hired and worked with Simon on multiple new ventures since 2000, I have found him to possess exceptional creativity and drive to accomplish our team’s objectives. Simon’s ability to develop ideas into functional business systems is outstanding. Whether internal to an organization or within the marketplace, he confronts obstacles with resolute determination and quickly uncovers ways to apply new complex business concepts against legacy functions. Simon is loyal, reliable and maintains the work ethic that any strong leader would be eager to be part of their organization.

Joe Venezia

Owner, PDR, LLC and Automotive Specialist

I have known Simon Warner for about six years. In this time we have built both a professional as well as a personal relationship. Simon is honorable and trustworthy; a family man with high standards and values. I experienced his knowledge of the industry and his commitment to his word. His attention to detail was excellent. Simon Warner’s professionalism far surpasses industry standards.

Lisa Wardell

President and Chief Executive Officer, DeVry Education Group

Simon is an excellent professional who listens to his clients needs and is willing to go the extra mile to get things done. Leveraging web technology, and with virtually no starting capital, I have watched Simon build an innovative real estate brokerage company from nothing to profitability into the worst real estate brokerage market in over 70 years. He will be honest in his approach in terms of making sure you understand what the best possible solution is for your particular needs. His work ethic and integrity are second to none.

Kevin Laws

Chief Operating Officer at AngelList

Simon built out and managed a channel of real estate brokers to help establish Vast’s real estate offering. He was able to combine his extensive experience in real estate with his passion for new technologies to build out the right set of relationships. He is very self-motivated and dedicated.

Chris Heagerty, CRB, CRP, GRI, ABRM

Author, Creative Writer and Experienced Real Estate

Broker/ManagerSimon was one of the pioneer agents who were an early adopters of online real estate. His ability to connect with and service consumers earned him consistent rave reviews. At eRealty he was a leading producer and regarded by many, both agents and managers, as a sales and service role model. He authored many best practices for working with the Internet buyer that are used today.

Michele Copp

Systems Analyst, Senior at Freddie MacSimon really delivered results … …We were lucky when we hired him the first time and impressed with his wealth of industry knowledge and marketing strategies. The second time we knew that we wanted Simon again and just like before, he delivered.

Manish Pradhan

Information Technology Executive, Enterprise Solutions Architect

I am very pleased to recommend Simon.

He is very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. He was always there on time, well prepared, very patient and went out of his way to provide effective and economical services and great advice.

I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.